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Tropical rainforest in Peninsular Malaysia is one of the very complex ecosystem in the world. It is also a natural heritage of God's creation is a very unique and One already exists over millions of years. It is rich in a variety of plants and wildlife, which includes 2,500 species of plants, 200 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, 120 species of snakes, 80 species of cucak and thousands of insects.

Our forest is a complete Division of nature and also plays an important role in the protection and preservation. It also serves as a place of pelimpahan carbon and also help in the creation of carbon.

Natural forests in the country has unique and beautiful views that cater to recreational and eco-tourism. The establishment of forest in forest reserve is in line with the national forestry policy, 1978 (revised 1992) for fostering the adequate number of immediate as a place of recreation, eco-tourism and to public awareness about forestry.

Recreation in the forest of Peninsular Malaysia

Forest areas with the attractiveness and originality of the following quotation for peace of mind and fun for the environmental conditions keep out noise can be named forest or forest recreation. This is emphasized in one of the country's forestry policy to draft Community forestry programs and provide recreation and tourism facilities.

Among the goals the establishment of forest are as follows:-

  • Provide places for relax in the jungle like a picnic and remote view (look-out), recreational parks and natural areas beautiful to the public especially to every class of society;
  • To create awareness to the community about the importance of maintaining the originality of the environment particularly forests to be preserved for the sake of the well-being of their lives;
  • Improve the performance of the individual through the liberation of the mind from the stress of the hustle and bustle of the daily work environment and also not being cool, especially in big cities;
  • Provide opportunities and encouragement to explore the forest areas while enjoying its beauty through the provision of forest trails trails, mountain climbing activities, cruises and other active nature activities;
  • As add to areas of existing research, in accordance with its authenticity and heritage;
  • Add spaces that can attract more tourists visiting the country, which as a result will help in improving the country's economy.