Forest Development

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The Border Forest Reserve

Maintenance of the boundary beyond permanent reserved forest is implemented by the Department in accordance with the administrative district. For 2011, all 213 miles has made maintenance of forest Teloi Forest, Koh Moi and also Forest Padang Terap.

Forest Inventory Before The Allowable

For the implementation of Forest Inventory Before selective cutting (Pre-F), a total of eight (8) Forest area has been carried out selective cutting Inventory Before (Pre-F) for the year 2011 which includes a 2230 hectares covering the three administrative districts.

Marking Of Trees

A total of eight (8) spaces have been implemented Marking Trees in 2011 which includes an 1860 hectares for the year 2010 of 1, 719.5 hectares in five (5) areas was carried out to mark the tree.

Area Of Production

1. Forest Land

Logged in permanent reserved forest which is still in force is a total of eight (8) covering an area of 2340 ha.

2. mangroves

Forest Work plan for Mangroves are being prepared in collaboration with the Faculty of forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia as Consultants. Pengusahasilan Mangroves are intended to provide the raw materials for manufacturing industries charcoal bakau piling and construction materials. Pengusahasilan method was carried out by the concept of felling strips (strips) aimed at;

  • Maintain bio-diversity in the Mangroves,
  • Increase the capacity for recovery on the stand after the pengusahasilan, and
  • Reduce the negative impact on living things in the ecosystem of Mangroves.

Until the year 2011 also there pengusahasilan carried out in the Mangroves.

3. Rattan

Until the year 2011, a total of four (4) areas with a total of 1,230 hectares have been licensed. Pengusahasilan rattan implemented aim to provide a source of rattan furniture industry in the State.


Forest Inventory After Selective Cutting

A total of 9 spaces have been implemented after the Forest Inventory (Post F) Allowable in the year 2011 covering an area of 2100 hectares for the year 2010 is an 1895 hectares have successfully carried out census Post-F.


Cut The Root/Pepanjat (CL)

Until the year 2011, there are Root-cutting activities/Pepanjat (CL) do.

Forest Farm

Forest farm carried out by Kedah State Forestry Department is focused on the Teak trees as well as some other species such as Acacia mangium, Sentang, Ping and rubber. Overall a total of 3100 hectares has been successfully established.

Mengaya Planting

Planting activities have been carried out by the mengaya State Forestry Department of Kedah in 2010 over 30 hectares at H.S. Rimba Teloi and in 2011 about 28 hectares has been implemented in Both Hills forest reserve.