ERT Species List

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List of Highly Endangered Species, Endangered and Rare Found (ERT)

Forest Management Plan (FMP) is available as well as a general guide in providing the latest status information dipterocarp species endangered in the state according to the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. Very useful information to be used as the reference for students, researchers, forest managers, policy makers and non-expert groups to improve their knowledge of dipterocarp species from extinction. Knowledge about this endangered species could help Kedah State Forest Department, Government Agencies related and non-governmental agencies (NGOs) in the preservation and conservation of this endangered species. There are a number of dipterocarp species endangered in the IUCN category which 5 have been identified in the state, namely:

1. Critically Endangered (CR)     :   0 spesies

2. Endangered (EN)                     :   1 spesies
    1. Keruing Etoi

3. Vulnerable (VU)                        :   14 spesies
    1. Mersawa Kesat
    2. Mersawa Durian
    3. Mersawa Gajah
    4. Keruing Kertas
    5. Keruing Senduk
    6. Keruing Bukit
    7. Keruing Gondol
    8. Merawan Kelabu
    9. Lintah Bukit
    10. Chengal Pasir
    11. Balau Tembaga
    12. Balau Bukit
    13. Meranti Damar Hitam
    14. Resak Lidi

4. Near Threatened (NT)              : 13 spesies
    1. Keruing Belimbing
    2. Giam Malut
    3. Merawan Siput
    4. Merawan Jeruai
    5. Chengal
    6. Meranti Pipit
    7. Damar Katup
    8. Meranti Pa’ang
    9. Balau Gunung
    10. Seraya
    11. Damar Siput
    12. Membatu
    13. Damar Siput Jantan