Director Message

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Message from the Director of the Kedah state forestry 2013

Assalamualaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuh and greetings

Alhamdullilah thanks to the grace of God because finally we are able to witness the end of 2012 and 2013 begin Indeed, the year 2012 has been prove of variety of success achieved at the Kedah State Forestry Department.

In 2012 we have leave have created beautiful memory that is now the history that is always remembered and memory became a guideline for us to forge more success in 2013. In 2013, more activities and planning was arranged to realize a mission, vision and objectives of the Department. I believe and are confident of the ability and expertise of employees State Forestry Department. And hopefully able to digest the direction.

It is hoped the year 2013, all nationals of the Kedah State Forestry Department are always disciplined, work together and unite the hearts of moving one of the team to success in the year 2013. Hopefully our planning and efforts are blessed of God.

There is no easy way, all these challenges must be faced with ample chest and an open mind. Therefore we should advance the mission, vision, objectives of the Department, rather than personal interest, sacrifice if necessary! Let us enter into the new year 2013 with full tawadhuk and realize. First, let us restore themselves from whatever weaknesses because an oversight during the year 2012. Second, let us face every challenge with enough Setup, always ready to contribute. And third, let us set and determined to be human, in particular employees, noble and successful. The word of God, "Those who wanted the glory (then shall he strives to find a way to comply with his orders) because ALLAH belongs all glory" (Quran, Fathir 35: 10). Let us be The Muflihuun (المفلحون), people who are really successful in his side.


Wabillahit tawfiq wal hidayah wassalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


Y.M. Ku Azmi b. Ku Aman

State Forestry Director Of Kedah