Responsibilities & Roles

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Responsibilities Of The State Forestry Department

  • Advise the State authority in the administration of forest resources to the production of optimal income
  • Act as the implementing agency policies and forest law enforcement; and
  • Manage forest resources in line with the concept of sustainable management

The Functions Of The Department

  1. Administration and financeHandling administrative aspects, services and finance
  2. Revenue CollectionHandling aspects of revenue collection which includes premium, royalty, ses forest development and other charges.
  3. Forest OperationsPengusahasilan licensing and forest based industries, wood pengusahasilan forests and control operations and wood based industry law enforcement of forestry
  4. Planning and forest development - Planning and implementation of project management and development of forest resources including activities relating to the conservation and preservation of forests as well as training and development, forestry
  5. District Forest Ranger Office and - To ensure the smooth implementation of the functions of another State Forestry Department, the forestry administration at the State level divided into district and forest renj in charge of administration at the district level and the forest, control pengusahasilan renj and wood based industry operations, revenue collection, enforcement of the forestry law and the implementation of forest management and development activities in the field